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Stratagem IT Solutions is a leading provider of IT support and consulting services in New York, providing a wide range of technology services to various Legal & Financial organizations, improving their IT capabilites.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with everything from network security and disaster recovery to software implementation and cloud migrations.

Technology Consulting Services

Stratagem adds value to legal and financial firms, we help businesses in New York stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly mistakes.

IT Managed Services

Stratagem helps you to select, implement, and manage right-fit technology solutions with training and support.

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

With Stratagem advisory governing data privacy and security becomes easy. We help to avoid costly fines & retain critical clients with stringent regulatory requirements.

Project Management

With Stratagem's Project Management services, making technology upgrades or transitions in business operations become transperent, time-bound & compliant


We work with a wide range of clients in the legal and financial sectors, including law firms, accounting firms, and financial institutions. We understand the unique needs of these businesses and tailor our services accordingly.

Technology Consulting Services

If you are a legal or financial firm that is looking to improve your use of technology, Stratagem is a valuable partner. Stratagem can help you to select, implement, and manage the right technology solutions for your needs.

  • Selecting and implementing new software and hardware solutions.
  • Designing and implementing security solutions.
  • Migrating to the cloud.
  • Managing IT infrastructure.
  • Complying with regulations.

IT Managed Services

We take care of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Network monitoring and support.
  • Server and storage management.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Application support.
  • Security management.

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Regulatory compliance is important for all businesses, especially for businesses in the legal and financial sectors. Stratagem advises on handling sensitive data and its transmition, that are subject to a wide range of regulations. With stratagem advising, businesses have achieved compliance under complex audit requirements.

  • Identify the relevant regulations.
  • Develop a compliance plan.
  • Implement the compliance plan.
  • Monitor your compliance.

Project Management

Stratagem provides broad range of project management services that help organizations plan, execute, and control projects. Our project management services can be delivered by internal on-shore project managers or off-shore external consultants.

  • Project planning, execution & control.
  • Project risk management.
  • Project communication.
  • Project documentation.

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Stratagem advises on successfully meeting audit requirements for leading financial institutions. Our advisors posess a deep understanding of the specific regulations that these institutions are subject to. Our expertise during audits starts by conducting a side by side gap analysis to identify any areas where the business controls are not in compliance with required regulations & develop a remediation plan to address these gaps.

Stratagem works directly with the clients to implement the remediation plan, which includes providing training to staff, developing new policies and procedures, and making changes to the IT systems.

Our packages allow continued work with the staff to monitor compliance on an ongoing basis. This helps ensure that the business remains in compliance with the regulations and that any new risks are identified and addressed promptly.

Audit readiness assessments

These assessments help businesses identify any areas where their controls are not in compliance with the regulations and develop a remediation plan

Regulatory compliance consulting

This service helps the business develop and implement policies and procedures that are compliant with the regulations

IT audit consulting

This service helps assess the security and privacy of the IT systems and ensure that they are compliant with the regulations

Training & Monitoring

This service helps your business to monitor their compliance on an ongoing basis and to identify any new risks.

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